Software Development Service

Software as a Service or SaaS is a new model of software delivery which is rapidly gaining attention all over the world due to its ease of usage and economical pricing model. In the year 2011, SaaS was a $12 billion market with a growth rate of 20-25% annually.

With this exciting new concept, software need not be physically located at the user's work station. Using SaaS, developers and software companies can store their software at a central location often referred to as the Cloud. The end users who wish to use that software can easily access that software via thin clients or web browsers which makes the usage extremely easy and fast.

Performance, productivity and results of organizations who wish to use the software can increase exponentially using this unique model. Further, the usage can also be provided based on the specific requirements. Hence, if the end user wishes to have an hourly usage or per-person usage, the configurations can easily be monitored and optimized for maximum results.

Cyfuture is soon going to launch their own Software as a Service model for delivering software across different industries and niches. We have our own state of the art Tier 3 Data Center, which empowers our world class Cloud computing services. SaaS would enhance our portfolio and provide further options for our esteemed customers.

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